PLUGinGdansk: How to scale to the <span class=US market with corporations?" />

PLUGinGdansk: How to scale to the US market with corporations?

USA is a Holy Grail of most star­tups. European entre­pre­neurs often see the American mar­ket as the ulti­ma­te goal of the­ir glo­bal growth.

 During the next PLUGinGdansk event we will unve­il and expla­in a pro­cess, which incre­ases chan­ces of a suc­cess­ful US mar­ket entry for a European star­tup.

 - How does an American inve­stor think?

- What sho­uld you take into acco­unt when attac­king the American mar­ket?

- What does the American busi­ness look like? Approach, ste­reo­ty­pes, methods.

- 150 000 USD for a star­tup just on a Power Point pre­sen­ta­tion? Yes, it is possi­ble! Do you want to know how?



18:00 — Door opens & networ­king

18:30 — Welcome address

18:40 — “Welcome to America” — expan­sion of a star­tup to the USA (by Arek Skuza)

19:20 — Panel Discussion

Moderator: TBA


- Arek Skuza

- Rafał Janik, Head of Communications, Alfabe­at

- Hanna Serwatka, Project Manager, Scalac

20:00 – Networking


When? 01/07/2019, 18:00

Where? Inkubator Starter, Lęborska 3B Gdańsk


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