Pomeranian Export Broker. A comprehensive system of export support in the Pomeranian Voivodship

Action 2.3. Export acti­vi­ty

The dura­tion of the pro­ject: July 2016 — June 2023

Project bud­get: 84.08 mil­lion PLN

Pomeranian Export Broker is a part­ner­ship pro­ject car­ried out by the Pomerania Development Agency, Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce, Incubator STARTER, FREE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ASSOCIATION in Gdańsk, Gdańsk Agency for Economic Development and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

The aim of the pro­ject is to incre­ase the export poten­tial of Pomeranian enter­pri­ses from the SME sec­tor. As part of the pro­ject, a com­pre­hen­si­ve sup­port sys­tem for inter­na­tio­nal expan­sion based on three pil­lars will be cre­ated:

  1. INTRODUCTION TO EXPORT — acti­vi­ties addres­sed to SMEs that have not taken export acti­vi­ties to date or are begin­ning expor­ters.
  2. DEVELOPMENT OF POMERANIAN COMPANIES ON SELECTED MARKETS — a dedi­ca­ted pro­gram of com­pre­hen­si­ve actions streng­the­ning exports of Pomeranian com­pa­nies and pro­mo­tion of the region on selec­ted mar­kets.
  3. GRANTS FOR SMEs — an acti­vi­ty addres­sed to SMEs, which con­si­sts of finan­cial sup­port in form of grant com­pe­ti­tions.

The project’s tar­gets:

  • 1800 com­pa­nies will rece­ive sup­port
  • 1300 enter­pri­ses will rece­ive non-finan­cial sup­port
  • 600 enter­pri­ses will rece­ive sup­port for the inter­na­tio­na­li­za­tion of the­ir acti­vi­ties
  • 475 infor­ma­tio­nal and pro­mo­tio­nal actions with inter­na­tio­nal cha­rac­ter
  • 10,000 com­pa­nies par­ti­ci­pa­ting in infor­ma­tio­nal and pro­mo­tio­nal pro­jects with an inter­na­tio­nal sco­pe
  • 200 com­pa­nies that will intro­du­ce orga­ni­za­tio­nal and pro­cess impro­ve­ments

    For more infor­ma­tion, ple­ase con­tact: Magdalena Raczyńska, Chamber’s General Director

    e-mail: m.raczynska@rigp.pl, pho­ne: +48 58 305 23 25